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Teens explore young adult reads

“Teens explore young adult reads” was originally published in The Napanee Guide on October 17, 2013.


Amanda Miller and Kristine Turcotte are good friends and avid readers. The Grade 10 students volunteered at the Napanee Branch of the Library this past summer, where they had plenty of opportunity to scope out some great Young Adult (YA) reads. Kristine’s choice is a sci-fi dystopian novel while Amanda suggests a realistic novel about teen bullying.

icons “One book I read was called Icons by Margaret Stohl. The author has also written the series Beautiful Creatures which is now a movie,” says Kristine. “This book was recommended to me by my sister, Megan. She told me it was one of the best books she ever read and that I had to read it right away. After I read it, I also thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I found it interesting because it is set in the near future where aliens have taken over Earth and the four main characters all have to step up with their special power that works best together to save the Earth. To me, this book is one of a kind and very unique. I have not read anything like it and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I would suggest this book to teens and young adults and anyone shineelse who enjoys to read science fiction novels that are packed full of adventure, action and excitement. There are parts in this book that are so well written that I could not put it down.”

Amanda actually came across her book choice, Shine by Lauren Myracle, though a recommendation from Kristine. “Kristine told me this is a great book that deals with bullying,” says Amanda. “After reading this book I can agree that it is a really great book that shows the danger that comes when people bully each other. It has many heartfelt scenes and bonds of friendship between the main character and her friends are remarkable. It is a work for fiction but felt very realistic when reading it. The main character’s intuition keeps her moving forward. What I liked the most about this novel is the transition between days and the realistic time frame. It doesn’t all happen in one day and the characters have no special powers, they are just regular people. I think it is one of a kind and can’t be compared to other novels. I would recommend this book to teenagers especially considering bullying is a crisis in North American schools.”

Both Icons and Shine can be reserved from your branch of the County of Lennox and Addington Public Libraries.

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